DarVoz is a global decentralised conference, and art event, to take part at the end of January 2019. It is billed as an anual parallel or fringe event to the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland that will take place at the same time.

DarVoz is independently organised, and funded, and is to be structured as a membership based democratic organisation, built utilising new concepts and open source software tools, provided by our partners.

# History of the project

"Dar voz" is Portuguese for "to give voice". The idea for the project came out of a discussion between Gilson Schwarz and David Bovill at the RAMICS 4th International Conference on Social and Complementary Currencies that took place in Barcelona in May of 2017 - ramics.org

# Dencentralised roll-out

We aim to launch this project, steering committee, and legal governance, in a series of decentralised conversations prior to launch of the first global decentralised event at the time of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

These first conversations are designed to gradually role out involvement and participation through a series of monthly rehearsals between autonomous spaces and projects. We aim for careful, slow initial growth.

# Participathive growth

To gather awareness of the project, and to ensure that it is driven by community values, and not a technical or academic elite, we are seeking to engage artists, and small on-the-ground community projects around the world in the story telling, and democratic governance of the project from the outset.

# #NotEnough

Our present day economic and democratic systems are #NotEnough. Complaining, critiquing and theorising about the structures. Acting together we have the ability to change things. We have the tools, skills and capabilities to create the governance systems our communities deserve.

#NotEnough is a simple participatory art project that anyone can contribute to. We are asking people from around the world to send in pictures of themselves holding a piece of paper representing the number of votes they expect to be able to cast during their democratic life.

As a representation of the full expression of their democratic value, we invite people to send us audio messages using instant messaging, that we will collect and publish as a series of art works during Darvoz 2019.

We invite other artists to contribute ideas, and works that we aim to commission for the project based on these images and sounds.

# Worldscape

Worldscape is an art project that we have been developing designed to be hosted at art venues, and spectacular public spaces in each continent across the globe.

# Aims of the project

The project has the following goals: - Raise awareness - Demonstrate new forms of governance - Promote self-sovereign digital identity - Show case decentralised technology - Raise money for democratic projects - Show case the best ideas and art projects in the space - Involve thousands of community spaces world-wide - Stage high-profile events at locations in each continent

Participating venues, whether community spaces, art venues, or university sponsored conferences will be self-organised and funded.

To be officially "on the programme" projects will need to sign up to the events organising principles of autonomy and self-sovereign democratic governance.

All material produced will be donated to the commons under a free culture license. Anyone of course, in true decentralised fashion, is free to fork the programme, and organise their own events in whichever fashion they like.

The legal governance of the project aims to strike a balance between the spirit, and principles of Occupy and the World Social Forum, while avoiding the Tyranny of Structurelessness.

To this end the focus of the event will be on making, building, and publishing. It is through the act of working together to build new forms of governance, that we will be able to move from rhetoric, and fragmented voices of despair, to a constructive movement for change.

To achieve these goals we need to build with new tools, organise in new ways, while respecting the history of movements that share these common goals.

# Technology

The project requires specific tools to support it's realisation. Luckily recent development in this space provide us with many of the tools we need to deliver the functionality required by the project.

The technology stack is not fixed, but based instead on curating a suite of decentralised tools that are sufficiently production ready to be used in the event.

The requirements of the project necessitate tools which: - Share and distribute video and media assets - Provide robust transparency of all finance - Facilitate and incentivise coordinated action - Enable effective transnational democratic governance - Embody the spirit of playful creative participation - Empower global participation across the digital divide

Tools such as IPFS, distributed ledger technology, OneClickOrgs, open banking api's, together with the ubiquity of smart phones, instant messaging, audio podcasting, and independent community radio enable us to publish the audiovisual and text based contributions of artists, thinkers, and academics to open access journals and the permanent web.

# Production and partners

We are looking for production partners, and are seeking individuals with a passion and commitment to democracy, creativity and fair and equitable governance diverse, to join us and ensure this ship sails a true and steady path.

The first draft of this document was written on April 3rd 2018, and send out to interested parties.

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