Some notes on governance at DWebSummit2018

# Greg McMullen

Greg is a lawyer based in Berlin, where he chairs the Privacy and Data Protection subsection of the Blockchain Bundesverband. He is co-founder of the Interplanetary Database Foundation, and the former Chief Policy Officer of ascribe.io and BigchainDB.- sched.com


COALA are lawyers, computer scientists and entrepreneurs who are thinking together about the challenges and opportunities of emerging blockchain technologies and how they will affect the way we live in modern society. We want people think about how the future Internet and society will look like in a world of ubiquitous connectivity, decentralized networks and interconnected devices - coala.global

# Governance challenges faced by IPFS

# Aragon.one María Gómez (Strategy) is a former Colombian/Spanish corporate lawyer. She worked several years in the M&A and corporate finance practice. A local to Bogotá-Colombia a citizen of the open world - sched.com

# Who decides

Matrix.org governance structure - Amandine Le Pap

Danielle Robinson - Code for Science & Society - run the DAT Project - "a path to leadership" from outside the community.

Zooko Wilcox - ZCash - came from scientific research

# Governance on the blockchain

r-chain + discussion of how external systems relate to the internal governance.

Protocols, what about between blockchains. Also what do we do when there is a weak or abstract culture to encode / work with?