Federated culture

The Federation is a word we use for a federated culture, that while it has structure (you can examine it like any organism and ask yourself "What is the purpose of this skeleton?" or "this organ?") - it's substance is not defined only by this structure. It has a culture, you may say a soft-culture, in the same way an organism will have soft-tissue.

We need to consider this culture, and how it grows. for even the largest bones grew out of fluid, ecosystems of soft-cell based nurseries. Without these - you much vaunted structure is sterile.

To this end we are aiming to integrate social processes into the creation and design of the software systems we build together: * Series of Cultural Events * Conversations Across Space * Thematic conversations

These cultural activities, are designed to become part of a deliberation which is spoke, written and performed in new ways, though many of the new technologies we describe here, simply exist to preserve or reinstate anceint forms of human collaboration:

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