Federation Architecture

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# Bill's notes

CoTech Blockchain Group Space4, Friday 13 April NOTES (brief & not comprehensive) Present: Dave Bovill; Bill Olivier; Griffin Hotchkiss Discussed Stafford Beer's 'Beyond Dispute' / Team Syntegrity DB had met Rosemary Belcher who ran syntegrity meetings. In context of DIEM25, started by Yanis Varoufakis DIEM = Democracy In Europe MovemenT Relates to: Gossip sharing protocol Dominic Tarr (world's best js programmer): developed Secure Scuttlebutt - see wiki page World's best js programmer DB worked on Liquid Democracy Griffin Hotchkiss (joins) Working in the Colony group on self governance app. They are developing Colony.js - one of the first ethereum projects. The Js library provides a set of unified functions that link to blockchain. Only records decisions. Related comments are not put on Blockchain - too expensive. So using OrbitDB for supporting conversations. Initial aim for CoTech Blockchain group: Series of monthly events that build towards a distributed hackathon focused on social governance, mutual credit, exchange platforms, etc, with potential users and code hackers working in small groups. Seek to bring related CoTech groups (Holochain, platform Co-ops, Blockchain) together. Colony to launch 1st May at the Ethereum EdCon, Toronto. Dil done a lot of work with SVG (Inkscape editor) Modern Js libraries: Js components Js web assembly Js shim - Polymer js 15:39 Other items also discussed/mentioned: Trevor Hilder taught VSM to David Atkinson now working on Holochain Open Co-op 18 Aragon successful ICO. Ethereum wallet. Good promotional video. On D's wiki.