Is search politically neutral?

The question here poses itself with regard to how the software is designed at several levels. How should search be structured? How should plugins be listed and developed? And these questions point to the fact that in software projects governance and code are interrelated - code is political.

# Example: search

Let's look at search. How should we structure it? With a centralised server that indexes the federation and allows any plugin to call its methods (Google for the Federation)? Or a Decentralised Search where every server in incentivised to curate its own part of the puzzle. Is the appropriate answer to this question technical, or social?

The answer is surely both. Even if you try to ignore the political and social dimension and choose say the most effective technical solution to do the job, you have made a profound political decision that will effect the entire culture of your operation.

This is sometimes not immediately significant, but when your project is about more effective governance and decision making, how you implement search has a concrete significance, not just to you marketing, but to how your communiy works and the sort of decisions it will make.

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